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Template Page 11

This is a sample page under the main subject area (template) page. This page is going to contain mainly the contents, links to different documents.

Other than page heading you can add more headings for heading 1 such as follows:

Heading 1

You can also put heading 2 in this page.

Heading 2

Or even try to put heading 3

External Links (H3)

The page can contain links to external websites. Lets make a link to Google. Creating an external link will show an image with the link telling user that clicking on this link will take them to site other than WNCP/PONC.

Media Documents(H3)

WNCP/PONC site contains lots of documents, all those documents are arranged in an organized manner in Media tab in Umbraco. To create a link to a document residing in Media tab, please check the training manual. Here is a document in WNCP site which is located in Media tab (in Umbraco). Click Here to view the document.

Click Here to view the document.

Internal Links (H3)

You can also insert links to internal pages within WNCP/PONC site. Click here to mathematics subject area.

Bilingual Settings (H3)

WNCP/PONC site contains some documents that are translated to both French and English, whereas many documents may not be translated. The documents that are not translated, we will set their settings to goto 'translation not found' page. Click here to see the french translation.

Call for Resources(H3)

Each subject area in WNCP/PONC site is supposed to have 'call for resources' page. Within each Call for Resources page, there will be several calls added. Click here to go to Call for Resources.


In this lesson we have described following pieces of information:

  • External Links
  • Media Documents
  • Internal Links
  • Bilingual Settings
  • Call for resources

We can also make the above list as numbered list. Or make the items Bold or Itatics, it is not recommended to make the items underlined, as it gives an impression of a website link.